• Chemicals used for water purification can lead to food allergies

    Purifying drinking water involves removing any contaminants from water sources that may cause harm. But, do you know that chemicals like Chlorine dioxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, Chloramines and other chlorine, which used to purified water can lead food allergies, which is affecting million people across the world.

    People exposed to greater levels of dichlorophenols, created when chlorine is added to water to make sure that water is purely uncontaminated, tend to be more prone to food allergies as well.

    Symptoms of food allergy can range from a gentle skin complaint to a life threatening reaction recognized as anaphylaxis.  High levels of dichlorophenol containing pesticides can weaken food tolerance in some people; leading food allergy while opting for bottled water in place of tap water may appear to be a way to decrease the danger for developing an allergy.

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