Cashless Mediclaim


As many new health policies have been introduced to people, they have carried along with different new insurance coverage benefits and facilities. One such benefit that has been developed to make the health care journey free of monetary stress is cashless mediclaim. Once you have purchased such policy, then you do not need to deal with the medical bills in case of any health problem. These policies can remove the hassle of arranging cash to pay for the medical bills that you need. It is the major benefit as when a person is stuck in a medical emergency and he is not in a condition to arrange for sufficient money before being discharge or gaining admission.

Chirayu Superspecialty hospital makes it easier for all its Health Insurance holders to take benefit of Cashless hospitalization easily. If you have bought one cashless mediclaim policy, then you can just come to our hospital or its network branches only if our hospital is tied up with your medical insurance company and get medical treatment without any problem. For this, all you need to do is just show us your medical insurance card and get a fair treatment. Besides, you can also inform your Third Party Administrator (TPA) about the situation, so you can benefit of all the medical services and your medical insurance company will take care the rest of the formalities.

Our cashless mediclaim is of two types:-

Planned claim: This is when an insured is very well aware of the hospitalization 2 or 3 days in advance.

Emergency: This is when an insured or his/her family member needed hospitalization immediately, either due to an accident or serious illness.

Cashless mediclaim are a type of service in which an insured will get the medical treatment free of cost. Medical bills of hospitalization are directly paid by the insurance company, but, cashless mediclaim can be availed in network hospitals only.


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