Avoid Angioplasty EECP

How To Avoid Angioplasty Eecp Center Mumbai

Angioplasty is a technique that is generally used during a cardiac catheterization and is extremely similar to a diagnostic catheterization, where tubes or catheters are inserted up the prime blood vessel to the heart, and an x-ray dye is inserted to see at the arteries around the patient heart. If you have ever had a heart attack or failure or recurring angina, then you will be recommended to have an angioplasty.

We at Chirayu Superspeciality hospital provide EECP or enhanced external counter pulsation that is a procedure for the treatment of heart failure, cardiomyopathy or angina. This EECP treatment reduces symptoms of ischemia as well as improves the functional quality of life of the patient. Our EECP generally consists of 35 hours of treatment, but you can take a one hour or two hours session (with a gap between first and second hour) per day as well.

How We Performed EECP?

  • The patient’s systole or diastole of the heart is determined by inserting three ECG stickers on the patient’s chest.
  • Now, the patient asks to lie down on a bed.
  • The calves, thighs or buttocks of the patient are wrapped around with the help of blood pressure cuffs.
  • When the patient’s heart relaxes at the exact time of diastole, the cuffs begin inflating from the calves and moving up to the buttocks as a result counter pulsation of the blood.
  • However, when the heart of the patient contracts, the cuff deflates and relaxes quickly.

Enhanced external counter pulsation is non-invasive, risk free, safe, simple, and inexpensive treatment without surgery. It is useful for treating unstable / unbalanced angina as an adjunctive treatment after revascularization and while first line therapy for angina.

How We Prepare for EECP?

  • The patient needs to wear tight fitting clothing like athletic tights and avoid chafing clothing.
  • The patient is needed to stop smoking or using tobacco.
  • The blood pressure, breathing rate, weight and pulse of the patient are measured and recorded.
  • The legs of the patient are checked for symptoms of vascular problems.
  • The patient will be informed about the risks and benefits EECP by our health care team.
  • The patient has to sign a consent form prior to the EECP procedure.

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