Geriatric Care

Geriatric care in mumbai

Geriatrics is the branch of medicine that focuses on health of aged patients. The prime aim of geriatrics care is to treat and prevent disease, disability or illness of old people as well as promote general health of senior citizens. A geriatrician is a doctor who is specialized in providing clinical cares for adults. A geriatrician can be either internal medicine physician or a family physician, but has added training in geriatric care.

Our geriatricians are trained and help older people and their families in taking health care decisions to fulfill the daily needs of the patient. They ask comprehensive questions regarding the overall quality of life of a senior, not just about their specific medical problems in making a personalized plan of geriatric care. For Instance, if an older person is suffering from the back or neck problems, then our geriatrician will ask how this problem is affecting or impacting on his or her life, rather than just deal with the pain. After that, the geriatrician will work with a team of our nurse practitioners, surgical specialists, psychiatrists, pharmacists and physical or occupational therapists to ensure the patient gets the right kind of help.

Patients and their families can discuss treatment plans our health care professionals as well. Our geriatricians offer careful assessment, consultative care or primary care for older people who may have:

  • Complicated Medical Problems
  • Numerous Medications
  • Problems With Urinary Incontinence
  • Frequent Falls And Mobility Problems
  • Confusion And Emotional Changes That Often Go With Physical Illness

Our geriatric care manager will listen to all concerns of the patients and their families as well as visit the patient home and advise for health care services, better quality of life as well as on cost control. Geriatric care managers are well trained human health services experts who are committed to helping senior citizens and aged people with chronic illnesses in getting back their utmost functional potential. Depending upon individual needs, we, at Chirayu Superspeciality hospital provide separate geriatric care management services by the hour. We can bundle those geriatric care services that are recommended in our plan of care for greater savings.


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