Infectious Disease Specialist Mumbai

Infectious Disease Specialist Mumbai

Generally, infectious diseases are disorders and caused by organisms like bacteria, fungi, parasites or viruses. Lots of organisms live in on our bodies, and are usually harmless, but under certain conditions, some of the organisms can cause disease. The sign and symptoms of the diseases vary, and depending on the organism causing the infection. The most common signs and symptoms include fever and fatigue. Infectious diseases kill more people in India in comparison to accidents, natural calamities and cancer put together. However, only few medical care centers in the country that are specialized in treating them.

ChirayuSuperspeciality hospital is one such hospital that provides medical care for all kinds of infectious diseases. Diseases and conditions treated in the hospital include HIV / AIDS, viral infections, pneumonia, post surgical infections, sexually transmitted diseases, H1N1 swine flu, meningitis, endocarditis, tuberculosis, blood infections, viral infections, food borne and diarrheal diseases, outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy, UTI (urinary tract infection) and parasitic diseases. Some of them can pass from one person to another person while some diseases are transmitted by bites from animals or insects.

Our physicians specialize in the treatment of individuals with conditions or diseases. Today, infectious diseases are becoming more and more severe threats to peoples’ health, in spite of new and enhanced antimicrobial therapies. Our specialized physicians are available for consultation on an extensive rate of infectious conditions as well as are to provide guidance or assistance on evaluations that may lead to the detection of an infectious illness. They offer a complete spectrum of management for individuals infected with the Human immunodeficiency virus infection / acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) or HIV or AIDS virus. Besides, we at ChirayuSuperspeciality conduct clinical trials of new therapies for AIDs as well as provide antibiotic management of bone and joint infections in conjunction.

Our medical team includes experts who are certified in the areas of immunology and allergy, pediatric dermatology, psychiatry and rheumatology. They have unique backgrounds, various areas of interest, and are popular for their major research and academic contributions.


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