Critical Care And Emergency Service


The Critical Care Hospitals are intensive care units for those people who are critically injured & ill, traumatic injury neurology, cancer, heart patient, respiratory and burn patients. Such kinds of serious medical conditions usually need hospitalization in a critical care unit. Each and every space is set up for the highest level of care along with latest mechanical ventilators, monitoring devices or all the required equipment & tolls for organ support.

Chirayu Superspeciality hospital is a specialized in critical care for patients who require constant monitoring, complex respiratory support or intensive nursing care. Some of the typical patient conditions are sepsis, infectious diseases, organ failure and post-operative issues.  Our prime objectives are to optimize their comfort, pulmonary toilet, weaning, and to help our primary team in their care as well as in discharge planning. We believe that our every single patient deserves more than being cared for. With an advanced technology care plan, we provide understanding, motivation, encouragement, compassion and respect.

We, at Chirayu Superspeciality hospital take our responsibility to help families seriously as we know and understand that having a loved one in the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) can be an overwhelming touching experience. Our experienced multidisciplinary team consists of attending Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) physician, respiratory therapist,physical & occupational therapist, social workers, nutrition or wound care that gives counseling service to patients that need invasive mechanical ventilatory support.

Our big operating rooms and emergency facilities enhance the ability of our medical staff to respond instantly in case of urgent situation. Our comfortable and roomy areas for family members to wait as well as for the kids to play help to calm fears and ease worries. We make ourselves as easy to get to you as possible, answer your questions and listen to all your concerns.

Medical Care



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