• Discoveries offer a new explanation for diabetes

    Discoveries offer a new explanation for diabetes

    What is Diabetes?

    When blood-glucose increases considerably above the normal range, for example, fasting blood sugar over 126mg/dl & after food blood sugar (pp) more than 200 mg/dl) is called diabetes. In normal persons, the blood sugar always remains in the normal range in the empty stomach and even after having food Generally, normal level o.f blood sugar in empty stomach is 70 to 110 milligram while should be below 140 milligram deciliter after having food

    It is a particular disease in which the Diabetes patient requires substantial time with an extremely individualized approach by experienced and dedicated professionals to successfully manage as well as control diabetes. The treatment mainly focuses on control and management, instead of radical cures. The treatment is continuous exercise and requiring active participation of both the patient and his or her family, not only about once or twice is a day, but throughout the day continuously for a long period of time.

    Our Services for Diabetes Patients

    We at ChirayuSuperspeciality hospital provide the highest quality medical care as well as support services for the management of diabetes with its complications.  Our highly integrated teams of experienced and qualified doctors are committed to deliver excellence in patient care. We are specialized in giving a broad range of service for people with both type 1 Diabetes in adults) and type 2 diabetes (Diabetes in children). Additionally, helping to diabetes patients to get better control of their blood sugar levels, we provide comprehensive diabetes self-management training or education services, which are customized to the patient’s unique interests and necessitates. Besides, we also carry a wide range of innovative diabetes products in our in hospital store.

    Our sugar doctor will help you to control diabetes without spending huge money and wasting valuable time. Remember, if your family physician or doctor is not able to get your blood sugar under control quickly, then change the doctor as it’s your health that is at risk here.

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