2d Echo Specialist


An echocardiogram or echo is a graphic outline of the movement of a heart. 2d Echo or two-dimensional Echocardiogram is a test in which ultrasound or high-frequency sound usually used to take pictures of our heart valves, chambers and the major blood vessels.  It helps the sonographer (diagnostic medical experts who operate ultrasonic imaging devices to create diagnostic images, video, etc.) to scan & assess the pumping action of the heart.  Echocardiogram is combined with color Doppler and Doppler ultrasound to evaluate blood flow across the heart valve.

It is a technique that is often used to “observe” the real motion of the heart structures. A 2-D echo outlook comes out a cone-shaped on the computer, and the instantaneous motion of the heart’s structures can be viewed. This technique allows our physician to see the different heart structures and evaluate them.

Our doctor uses the 2d Echo to:

  • Evaluate The Heart’s Function
  • Assess the effectiveness of surgical as well as medical treatments
  • Find out the existence of disease of the heart valves, muscle and pericardium, congenital heart disease and heart tumors.

Our 2d Echo services includes:

  • 2d Echo Plain
  • 2d Echo Color With Doppler
  • Carotid Doppler
  • Peripheral Study
  • Renal Index

We at Chirayu Superspeciality hospital perform the 2d Echo test in multiple steps.

  • Patients are requested to remove their clothes from the waist up and provided a gown.
  • Electrodes are fixed to the chest and shoulders of the patient and then connected to the ECG  or electrocardiography machine. Those patients who have hair on the chest need to shave so the electrodes can attach better.
  • Our technician applies gel (colorless) to the chest or the transducer head of the patient’s to take a picture or video of the heart .Later, our cardiologist reviews and interprets the recordings.
  • Our technician can ask the patient to take breathe slowly in order to take better pictures.

Remember, the 2D echo or echocardiogram test is painless and extremely safe.  It usually takes 20 – 45 minutes to be done.


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