• Drug Resistance

    Drug Resistance

    Drug resistance often refers to a decrease in the effectivity of a drug. A drug cannot be effective over time or when it is used first. Cells drug resistance can create in some ways. Microorganisms or cancer cells like bacteria or viruses can adapt so that they are not killed off by a medication. However, those cancer cells that are resistant to the medicine in the first place can take over following the nonresistant cells or bacteria are destroyed.

    However, Multidrug resistance is the main mechanism by which plenty of cancers build up resistance to chemotherapy drugs that is a key element in the failure of several forms of chemotherapy. It also affects the patient, mainly blood cancer and tumors like ovarian, lung, breast or and lower gastrointestinal tract cancers. Usually, tumors consist of varied populations of malignant cells, some of which are drug-sensitive and others are drug-resistant. Chemotherapy destroys drug sensitive cells, but has no effect on drug resistant cells . As the tumor starts to grow again, it fails since the left tumor cells are now resistant.

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